The ESS Way

The ESS Way 


Our focus is to support all players within East Select Soccer to develop them into high quality soccer players, while also providing players with qualities that will enable them to become successful in all walks of life.

ESS Development stages:

 Introduction (U9/U11) 

Learning Fundamentals  (U11/U12)

 Roles, positions and tasks of the team (U13-U14) 

Specific qualities for positions to maximize their contributions to the team (U15+).

Our coaches will support each player’s needs while also helping develop them in different areas of the game.


Our coaches will build the technical foundations of the East Select Soccer player starting from U9 through the use of one on one development with the ball, pool play practices, and direct instruction. 

Values:  EAST


We believe that each player, coach, and parent should come with an attitude that expresses interest, joy and eagerness to learn


We believe that each player, coach and parent should hold themselves to the mission and values of the club. They should demonstrate these values in all parts of the community.


We believe that each player, coach, and parent should follow the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. Coaches and parents should be the leading example of respect on and off the field. 


We believe that each player, coach and parent should work together as a team to achieve the mission as a club to develop each player to become the best soccer player they can be while gaining the skills to be successful in all walks of life.

4-8 years

9-12 Years

12-18 years

The ESS Player

Role of the Goalkeeper (1)

Role of the Full Backs (2 & 3)

Role of the Center Backs (4 & 5)

Role of the midfielders (6 & 8)

Role of the Midfielder (10)

Role of the center forwards (9)

Role of the wide Midfielders (7 & 11)

The 5 C’s


Describes a players self-belief in their skills and ability to achieve goals.

A confident player:

-wants the ball when the team is losing or underpressure 

-maintains positive body language at all times 

-Displays inventive or creative play, rather than playing cautiously

-Is opportunity focused and uses positive self talk to lead themselves forward through set backs and challenges 


Describes how motivated a player is

A committed player:

-Consistently gives high effort in training and matches

-Feels a sense of achievement from learning new skills and mastering tasks

-Believes that practice and hard work leads to improvement

-Takes on difficult challenges

-Is not afraid to make mistakes


Can describe how well a player can control and manage their emotions

A player with excellent control:

-Feels engaged with energy yet composed before game

-Keeps calm under pressure and helps to keep teammates focused

-Recovering quickly from mistakes or setbacks in the game, by putting energy into the next important task

-Does not dwell on disappointing performance 


Describes a players ability to focus their attention on the right thing at the right time

A player with excellent concentration:

-Is not easily distracted from their identified roles on the pitch, and never lets complacency set in

-Stays focused on what is relevant to their position

-Is aware of movements of teammates and use of space

-Refocuses with their head up after mistakes, goals and setbacks


Describes how effectively a players listens, acknowledges and talks to coaches and teammates (verbally and non verbally)

A player with excellent communication:

-Encourages, motivates and composes team mates

-Listens to coaches and teammates instructions

-Shows respectful body language to coach, teammates and officials