2023-2024 Coaches

Director of Coaching

Cass Welhouse


U9- Roni Rudolph, Lucy Stevenson, Kenna Karshbaum, Erin Christensen

U10-Olivia Stewart, Eva Snellman, Kady Pedroza, Wendy Sanchez

U11 Red- Cass Welhouse, Erin Christensen, Jason Thackery

U11 Black- Maddie Haas, Michael Rader

U11 White- Erin Christensen, Chloe Schafer

U12 Red- Steve Polkowski, Sydney Flannery

U12 Black- Steve Polkowski, Kady Pedroza

U13- Roni Rudolph, Chiara DeLuca

U14- Nate Hanson, Olivia Stewart

U16- Nick Bremer, Kenna Karshbaum


U9- Kady Pedroza, Gaby Sheldon, Corrado Rosato

U10- Derek Allison, Shawn Roed, Drew McCall

U11 Red- Neil Wilmot, Bennett Olson, Callum Greenan

U11 Black- Neil Wilmot, Bennett Olson, Callum Greenan

U12 Red- Corrado Rosato, Mike Petoletti 

U12 Black- Sydney Flannery, Mike Petoletti

U13 Red- Nick Braun, Maddie Haas

U13 Black- Corrado Rosato, Derek Allison

U16- Cass Welhouse, Nick Braun

The ESS Coach; Who are you?

Open Minded



Student of the game

Coaching Education: 

East Select Soccer is working hard to make sure they are meeting the needs of the players, coaches and families. We are continuing to support further education for many of our coaches. We currently have 7 coaches who are licensed through US Soccer, with the D Licensure. We have one in progress for their D Licensure, and one for their C Licensure.