What team would my child be on for the 2023-2024 season?


U9                2015-2017

U10              2014

U11 2013

U12 2012

U13 2011

U14 2010

U15 2009

U16 2008

U17 2007

U18 2006

U19 2005

What does a typical season look like?

We start practices indoors in February and will continue inside until the weather allows.  Most levels practice 2-3 times per week throughout the winter.  We mainly focus on foot skills and ball control throughout our indoor sessions and once we are outside, we focus heavily on team dynamics.  We move outside once the snow melts and continue to have 2-3 practices a week.  In the summer, we practice during the day at East High School.  Most teams will do a minimum of of 2-3 out of town tournaments and 2-3 intown tournaments.  These tournaments are in May, June and July.

What do my fees cover?

Fees cover a LOT of things at ESS. We are thankful to our generous Sponsor Essentia Health for helping keep our costs low and removing barriers to kids getting involved. That being said, we realize that signing up for club soccer is a commitment to your family’s pocketbook and schedule. 

Fees cover

1. Entry to 2-3 out of town tournaments and 2-3 intown tournaments 

2. Gym space for indoor practices

3. Field Space for outdoor practices

4. Coaches pay

5. Referee pay-  https://arrowheadsoccer.com/referees/trainings/

6. Insurance and Minnesota Youth Soccer Association fees

ESS takes a different approach to fees than many other clubs. We value consistency and transparency and so the bulk of the fees are up front. Other clubs may have a lower cost of entry but then tournament costs are then added to teams as they navigate their teams’ schedule. We prefer consistency as we know families may have multiple children participating and this way, they can plan ahead. 

Our fee structure is here: Fee Structure 

We offer payment plans as well. We are passionate about giving all kids an opportunity to play at ESS. Like we mentioned, our sponsors

help keep the cost well below the state average but that isn’t the solution for everyone. We do offer scholarships based on need – please reach out to Sarah Wilmot- swilmotess@gmail.com  for a confidential conversation about this.

What about uniforms? Are those included?

Uniforms are not included. We do not want to charge each year for uniforms when many kids can get 2+ years out of a uniform. Shirts, shorts and socks are available for order mid-winter of each year. We ask that you look at sizing as a 2 year opportunity to keep costs down for each family.

Who are the coaches? What is their experience level?

Our coaches come from varied backgrounds. All have performed on the field and many have certifications of varying degrees.  Most of our coaches are here year after year and are an integral part of  our ESS family. For more information on who is coaching which team, you can find that here: Coaches 

What do you expect from me as a parent?

We want your help in ensuring a great experience for your child(ren) participating in ESS and soccer in general. We have a lot more details here: Spectators/Parents but in the short term, we want you to support your kids, our coaches, our ESS community and the game

officials. We do have one other requirement of parents at ESS. We host a large tournament in June called the Lake Superior Open (LSO)Lake Superior Open 

This tournament has been very successful over the years and clubs from all over travel to participate. This can ONLY happen with help of ESS staff and parents. We do require 6 hours of volunteer time per child in ESS. These volunteer hours might be working concessions, navigating parking, field marshalls, etc. Don’t worry about knowing how to do those things, we’ll send communication on this as we get closer to the tournament!

How are teams decided?

Depending on your child’s age, they may be in a development and learning team. Those are typically U9 – U11 or so.  After that age, we typically will divide kids into an A and B team to allow both teams to be challenged and compete at the level they’re at. We discuss this more here Program Overview 

For those kids who are of the age of tryouts – we evaluate your child over a period of 2 separate days with time dedicated to their age level. We place kids to the best of our knowledge based on their performance at tryouts and at times, will place kids on teams based on the needs of that team and their specific skillset.  We realize tryouts and A and B teams can seem scary but encourage you to support your child at all levels.

Do you cut at any level?

Yes, unfortunately sometimes things don't work out and we are unable to find a team for a player.  We would recommend reaching out to Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association if this happens to try to figure out another option for your player.  

Who do I go to with questions?

Once you have a coach, please start with them or your team manager.  Prior to being assigned a team, do not hesitate to reach out to the Executive Director Sarah Wilmot swilmotess@gmail.com with any questions!

How much are tournaments?

Like we mentioned before, entry fees and officials fees are paid as part of your team costs. Travel, meals and lodging are up to your family.  We typically provide a room “block” for you to stay with the team at a reduced rate. Those details come out a month or so ahead of a tournament. It is NOT required to stay with the team. If you prefer to stay in a house or with other people or camp, etc. that is completely up to you! We do try to make activities as a team to bond and be together but that is not a requirement and your child can still participate even if they’re not staying at the hotel.